A Quick Introduction to “Reels”

A “reel” is a short video posted on a social media platform. Reels are useful for more than just personal entertainment. One of the many ways a reel is useful is mass communication. Reels have become a very popular form of content viewing for the modern-day individual.

Many social media users have a short attention span. If your reel does not engage the viewer within the first 10 seconds of viewing, they are going to scroll to the next reel and never think back. It is very important to include an interesting introduction and caption when posting reel.

Reels are usually around 60 seconds, although in recent months some platforms have added a new feature for up to 10 minutes! For advertising purposes, it is safe to stay within a 30-60 second time frame. A reel can be published to the page, where it will be featured on the feed for a user, or on the story where it will appear at the top of the feed page.

Reels aid advertising agencies in acquiring more views. For Instagram, a reel will get up to 67% more engagement than a standard post. Oftentimes, firms will post commercials on social media as a reel, increasing the views and engagement to a different pool of consumers. While organizing your social media posts, consider adding a few reels to analyze how your followers may interact differently with a reel.

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