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Email Marketing – Is it worth it?

C & D Advertising offers a wide variety of digital media and advertising services. One of the many services being email marketing. But, what is the buzz around email marketing anyway? Don’t most emails just end up in a user’s spam folder?

NO! Email marketing is a unique approach to digital marketing. This is a more personal way to grab a consumer’s attention, which is shown through the ability to personalize the content. Adding the user’s name to the top of the email evokes a personal connection and sense of identity within the brand to the reader. Consumer’s feel seen and important to the brand, prompting them to partake in your desired task.

Now that we have the reader hooked through personalization amenities, we can influence them to partake in a task. Whether your task is conducting surveys for feedback, improving sales, generating traffic to a website, increasing leads, or just communicating better with your audience, it can be done.

Most user’s will decide at first glance whether to open and engage with an email or throw it in the trash folder. So, designating a catchy subject line is important! The subject needs to be personal, and eye catching. Once an email is opened, your email is a success! So, to answer our initial question, YES email marketing is worth it!

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