Generation Z – The First Generation To Grow Up Online

Generation Z is the generation defined as “born between the mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2010s.” This generation is unique in the sense that they were the first to grow up with advanced technology and social media. They are known for being ambitions, loving to travel, being prone to anxiety, known to set boundaries, being nostalgic, and their unique use of social media.

Firms are faced with the challenge of marketing to a generation so accustomed to seeing digital ads, that they won’t even think twice before scrolling. This generation has a short attention span and if they are not met with instant gratification upon meeting an ad or post then they will scroll without a second thought. Ads need to be innovative, eye catching, and quick.

Gen Zers are considered digital natives, spending (on average) six or more hours a day on their phone. They turn to the internet for answers and to meet their needs. So, the best way to market to a Gen Zer is to (1) answer a common question with your product or service and/or (2) create a need. This generation is hesitant to jump into online marketing in fear of being “scammed.” Therefore, it is necessary to evoke a sense of trust.

Another important factor is the sustainability movement. Gen Z is passionate about environmental sustainability and they are willing to spend 10% more on a sustainable product or service. Generation Z has brought change to the marketing world, and now firms need to start thinking about the Alpha Generation, which will bring an even larger change.

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