How to communicate with your customers.

As marketing professionals it’s our job to know how to communicate. We know the right components when developing a great social post or email blast. We create effective subject lines, use the best key words for SEO, and we add just the right amount of emojis 😉

This is all true, but it won’t matter if we don’t know how to communicate the right way to the right customers.

We have the tools and the knowledge to help our clients get in front of leads and heard, but the key to turning those leads into customers is using our clients’ unique voices through the right channels.

No client is the same. Even two clients with the same product don’t tell their story the same way and it’s our job to maximize these differences rather than attempting to homogenize their approach to communicating. Likewise, no two customers are the same and how they choose to receive information varies based on everything from age to lifestyle. As an advertising agency this is especially important for us to consider with every campaign we build.

For example, let’s say we have a client that has built a brand around being humorous in their social media posts. They are always cracking jokes and sharing memes. We will work hard to cultivate this image for them, so their customers know what to expect when they visit their social accounts. It works for this client and we know that, but likewise we know that it’s not an approach that would work for a client looking to have a more serious and professional image.

In this same situation we would never advise a client to take a humorous approach if it would deter their potential customer base. It’s our job to know the market that we are trying to reach and guide our clients towards a communication approach that endears them to leads.

This is also important when considering the channel that we use. As social media changes from day to day, it’s important for us to follow the trends so we are targeting the right demographic with the right methods. A social site that used to be popular with millennials can quickly become passé and continuing to try and use that method to reach them will only be a waste of our client’s money and our time.

It is key that we know the who, what, when and even the why before implementing any campaign. The “who” tells us our demographic. The “what” tells us the method (social site, device, program, etc.) The “when” tells us the time of day that we are most likely to reach these potential customers. The “why” tells us what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how likely they are to pay attention to our campaign.

All of this is essential to consider, research, and implement when developing marketing strategies for clients. In the end, the work will pay off with more lead conversions and repeat customers.

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