Influencers – What are they, and how do they help us?

In recent years, social media has become more than just a social platform. Social media offers firms the opportunity to reach target customers, as well as offers a well-paying job to some. Social media influencers have become a huge part of online platforms and have a massive influence on users.

A social media influencer is defined as someone who has a reputation or expertise in a particular area and uses that to engage with large numbers of social media followers. A follower who is loyal to a specific influencer is highly likely to purchase a product that said influencer endorses.

It basically works like this, firms and large brands can contact an influencer to partake in a “brand deal,” simply meaning the influencer is paid to post a certain amount of promotional content. Influencers can negotiate the price, and many brands are willing to pay top dollar for some of the most well-known creators.

For perspective, most influencers on TikTok are on average 25.6 years old. This is useful as they are closer in age to the target (for most brands) and have a pre-established relationship of trust with a user.

Influencers offer a unique opportunity to large brands, giving them increased views and interaction. As stated in a previous blog “Generation X – The First Generation To Grow Up Online” Gen Z is heavily influenced by online advise and guidance, they are also hesitant to buy into online ads they come in contact with. By using an influencer, your brand is sure to be trusted and viewed by large numbers of consumers.

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