Power of Consistency and How It Affects Your Business

In any realm of the professional world, it is important to be consistent about consistency. Operating with cohesion can impact many areas of your business and is a surefire way to develop the value of your personal brand and overall prosperity. Consistency is critical to every facet of your business’ identity – perhaps no more crucial than your advertising.

“Consistency is a critical and essential part of the strategy you use for advertising and marketing,” explains George Carpenter, president and founder of C & D Advertising. “If someone hears a message over and over again, it becomes familiar and something they remember.”

According to George, our first client, Symeon’s Greek Restaurant, which has become a Greek cuisine staple for locals and visitors alike for nearly four decades, is a prime example of how consistency in business contributes to its longevity and success.

“If you drive past Symeon’s, you will see a sign out front that is white with blue lettering, and entrance and exit signs that have blue columns with white lettering,” George says. “Signage within the restaurant is also consistent which reminds the consumer of the brand just by the design elements they use.”

Establishing the message of your business, and tactfully conditioning consumers to identify with the message is essential. With Symeon’s, it is simple: “It’s the consistency of our food that keeps our customers coming back.” According to George, this phrase was first coined by Symeon Sr. and consumers continuously associate it with Symeon’s; the consistency of its presentation carries the message across a lot of platforms and vehicles.

“If a business is going to be successful, you want to focus on one aspect of the business that is your growth opportunity or strength and promote that,” George says. “With Symeon’s, the consistency in the food attracted customers and that’s the reason we ran with that message.”

George explains that consistency creates “T.O.M.A.”, or “top-of-mind awareness.” You can create this by delivering a consistent message that permeates acceptance and awareness; the recognition of your business will become part of a person’s thought process. Think about it: How many times do you find yourself mindlessly humming a jingle from an insurance commercial or referencing a catchy byline of a company? When we are consistently exposed to the message of a business in a creative and systematic way, we become susceptible to companies that can infiltrate our everyday life. This is the mark of an effective and consistent business strategy.

In our modern climate, advertising is anywhere and everywhere, and you need consistent messaging on all platforms to be the first business a person thinks of – to become top-of-mind.

Concerning audio media, which was once predominately radio advertising, has now become Pandora, Spotify, cable, and other audio experiences in different areas. With the digital world, what once was simply newspaper and billboards, has expanded to television, social media, YouTube, computers, and websites. This in and of itself dictates that your message must be consistent across all platforms. Without it, you simply cannot maintain your core values.

The consistency of a message is crucial to the popularity and success of your business. It does not have to be done in a boring, robotic way. It is possible to be effective and consistent in business without stifling creativity or eliminating your judgment. As the old saying goes: “Familiarity breeds acceptance.” To cut through the trend of brands who may be trying to achieve the same goals as you, impose consistency in a creative and cohesive way. When your content, message, and work is consistent, your company will be effective – and then your business will be poised for growth and success.

Here at C & D Advertising, we are committed to providing creative, comprehensive advertising and marketing solutions to businesses. We are dedicated to achieving the best results for all of our clients across many platforms. Business owners are often too busy with operating their businesses to focus on coming up with a creative, compelling message and monitoring its consistency across various channels. This is where a talented and seasoned agency such as C & D comes into play. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business.

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