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Whether you are a new business or have been around for a while, getting your message out is important. Advertising is a process and here is what it should look like:

Start Off By Conducting Research

Advertising begins with one simple question; who are you trying to reach? Before any planning or decisions can be made, you need to know your customer! Research your target audience and determine why they need your service. Ask questions like:

  • How does your type of business affect them?

  • What are some strengths of your type of business, and what are some weakness?

  • What opportunities do you have to succeed and what can possibly threaten your ability to succeed?

Once you identify and learn all you can about your target audience, you can begin the planning process.

From There, Develop a Plan

Now that you know whom you wish to reach, and how you can succeed, you must determine how you can best reach your target audience. Identifying the location of your audience is crucial. For example, you do not want to be advertising for snow tires, where there is never any snow. Take the time to survey the areas your audiences are so you can determine where you are most likely to generate consumer response.

Now, what are you hoping to accomplish? Determining what you want to gain from your campaign, will be the mold used to create your goal. When creating your goal, make sure it is clear and you can work your way towards accomplishing it. This will later help in evaluating how well the campaign worked and what may need to be improved in the future.

Before jumping into the development of your campaign, you must know your budget. Setting up a table of how much you can afford to spend, can help put it into perspective. This way you will know how much you can work with before you start the creative process.

Next, Implement Your Creative Development

You can begin by creating your brand as a whole if you don’t already have one. Your brand is what customers will associate with your business. It is much more than an eye-catching logo, and catchy slogan or jingle. For more information on how to create your brand as a whole, visit…

From there, you can figure out what this specific campaign’s message is, and how you can relate it to your overall brand. Make sure that when developing your message, that it is compelling and unique. Remember, you want to appeal to the demographics of your customer, not the whole world. “What will or can set your campaign apart from other competitors,” and “how can we effectively deliver this message to the target audience,” are two important questions to get you started.

Coordinating a theme with your campaign is the backbone to getting your message across and achieving your overall goal. Once the theme is known, you can choose the best platforms to portray your message and tell the story effectively.

Creating commercials for radio and TV, printing billboard ads, originating newspaper and magazine ads, or building a website and a social media presence are all possible outlets. Based on your budget and your target audience, choose which outlets will effectively help you reach your goal.

Media Buy

Once you have determined your outlets, contact media to run the advertisements and listen to feedback. For example, if you produced commercials, make sure they are run often enough to allow time for the messages to be received and responses to be generated

Concluding Remarks

You do not have to do all of this alone! Hiring an advertising agency who understands the process and knows the market can cast out all mystery and set your mind at ease.

Remember, advertising is a continuous journey! At the end of one story, a new one begins. Know your customers, be unique, and watch as your business continuously flourishes.

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