Advertising and Marketing Trends in 2020

If you read articles from the industry experts many of the trends point to the increasing digital messages vying for the consumer’s attention. What may have been considered optional a few years ago has become a necessary part of a successful advertising strategy; the strategic use of digital. According to international budget percentages traditional advertising (radio, television and outdoor advertising) takes 60 % of budgets compared with 40 % allocated to the digital world, but this is changing with digital taking more and more each year.

Information predicting future advertising trends can be confusing, at best. Local and regional advertisers must ask themselves if they need be concerned with zero-click Google results, advertising on smart speakers and optimizing voice search. We think not, but there are trends which should not be ignored in a solid strategy for the new year.

One tool that would benefit nearly all advertisers are chatbots and even more consumer content. According to Smart Insights, written content is predicted to be the marketing activity that will make the largest commercial impact over the next three years. Written content is also the main throughput of chatbots, which are expected to see increased usage in 2020. Any business that has a website can benefit from a simple chatbot that answers common visitor questions and aids in converting those visitors to warm leads.

Social Media platforms will continue to grab larger percentages of ad budgets in 2020. Social media web sites are cheap and offer an easy way to promote your brand or reach thousands with your message. Facebook alone ha

d 2 billion users as of October 2017 and that group of fans has reached nearly 3 billion since. That’s a huge audience that can be effectively reached with a solid digital advertising strategy even for local and regional advertisers.

YouTube is a very popular vehicle for how-to videos, music videos, movies and the like. The use of pre-roll video to promote your brand will continue to be a strong strategy for advertisers in the years to come. The best-practice use of pre-roll includes placing the brand message early in the video content to circumvent the “Skip Ad” option for the viewer. There is speculation that social media will eventually replace traditional television, and with the emerging platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, it is a strong possibility. But in the meantime, traditional television and cable are still a strong viable strategy for advertisers in the foreseeable future.

Contextual advertising, or advertisements that are placed on websites through an automated trafficking system will continue to have an impact on creating impressions with the consumer. The use of keywords that are relevant to the individual who is searching will personalize the message and make the viewer more receptive.

There are other trends which advertising professionals are keeping their eye on such as Facebook product and service purchasing opportunities, the use of influencer marketing, including social media videos in the media mix, native advertising strategies and artificial intelligence as considerations for future advertising and marketing strategies.

Social media has become an essential strategy to increase brand awareness and it is a proven advertising channel. While the inclusion of digital strategies should not be ignored, at this time it should not be considered as an alternative to traditional channels like radio and television. While trends are indicating that a shift is happening, the smart advertiser will use an integrated approach with digital and traditional advertising in 2020.

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