Social Media Trends in 2020: It’s personal.

Influencer Marketing on niche platforms will perform well

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

Social Commerce is expanding.

COVID-19 wiped off shelves, laid off small business workers and added millions of jobs to e-commerce. You can get paid to be an influencer with the e-commerce giants by posting product links trackable to your affiliation.

A quick search yields results for hiring “Top Social Media Influencers” for your Brand’s content marketing. Although, it is really just the time old strategy of word of mouth referrals on a digital global scale. You like a Brand and tell ten people who try it, they like it too and each tell ten more. Well, if in 2020 they jump on a live stream to hundreds of people that they know and showcase what a great time they are having enjoying your business, then they just accomplished the same thing. Effectively using their influence to spread a positive image of your Brand. Influencers have followers rather than friends making their reach in a niche community exponentially higher than the typical user. In addition, when you partner with niche based influencers they are getting you in front of the right audience to promote your brand and you can work closely with the influencer to drive the message of your campaign.

Is your organization ready to become an influencer?

Video is KING | Free Educational Content | Vertical

As this is being written, we are all attempting to find ways to work from home. Schools are closed as we are led to practice social distancing. Now more than ever customers are leaning on Free educational content, preferably video to help enhance this practice.

Could you or your organization be the developer of such content? Developing consistent content that is relevant to your audience and offers some free education will set you up as the expert and create a pathway to becoming an influencer in a niche community.

Can you develop your own videos? Here’s the basics to get you started: cell phone, tripod, and good lighting. A marketing agency can help you create high definition videos suited for broadcast, but you could easily develop your own influencer material at home, at the office, or on the go, with just your cell phone. If technology is what holds you back find someone or hire a professional to keep you on track. If you have a marketing agency, use them for guidance on how to improve your home/office setup.

Content should be consistent and educational, speaking directly to your customers’ pang points. Your content is their solution. Help them accomplish or progress in a goal they have set for themselves. Do not try to sell to them. Give away the answers here. If your products are used (which they should be!) tell the view what you are using and show how it’s done! Maybe they aren’t using your exact product but are coming to you for general how-to advice. If the products they are using do not work as well as yours, but they trust you as an expert after seeing your consistent content they will return to further investigate purchasing what you are using!

This is why Infomercial Marketing is so effective! I’ll buy what you are selling all day long if you continue to show me how “amazing it works here and there and everywhere! Anyone can use it, just watch!” Of course, anyone can use any broom or vacuum, but watching in action with ease in which THIS one is used will catch my attention and trigger me to consider making a purchase. Especially if I know and trust the host. Which is probably why they developed a whole TV program making sure you KNOW the creators and investors of up and coming products… It is all to influence your purchasing habits.

Communicating in Niche Groups as your page and check your facts!

  • ​Consistently post for your audience

  • Deliver Educational Content to a Niche Community: Don’t try to be everything for everyone. Position yourself as the expert in a sea of people looking for solutions or camaraderie!

  • Use VIDEO, your face, your personality, your expertise, your brand.

  • Fact Check, or the trolls will do it for you.

  • Give away the content for free. Don’t tease and then stick a sales pitch in.

  • There are platforms where a subscription fee could be leveraged for additional content.

  • Likes are not enough, create educational, searchable content in order to be relevant and potentially timeless (longevity – breaking the algorithm!)

Instagram will remove likes, likely changing the way we post and engage.

It’s coming, if it hasn’t been rolled out in your region already. Embrace it. Removing likes will enhance creativity while allowing the creators more freedom to post authentically without worrying about what gets more likes. However, businesses may need to rely on comments and work a lot harder to engage their demographics and encourage discussion. Your strategy to be active in the comments and private messages is going to need to be at the top of its game.

Community + Privacy – More Niche, More Personal

Facebook is putting a lot of time and effort into organizing its users into niche groups. The goal is to provide a more personal user experience. In addition, Facebook has rolled out a platform update that allows users to clear their stored browsing data. “Off-Facebook Activity marks a new level of transparency and control,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post. “We’ve been working on this for a while because we had to rebuild some of our systems to make this possible.” Last year, Zuckerberg said that introducing such a feature would likely harm

Facebook’s extremely lucrative ad business, since it could limit how Facebook targets users’ interests. Making mass targeting tricky but setting up niche group influencers to thrive in front of an audience they know is their primary demographic but requires a higher level of personalized service and response.

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