Teamwork is something you are taught about for your entire life. This is because teamwork lays the foundation for success. By having people that you can count on and share responsibility with, you put yourself and everyone around you in a position to succeed. C&D Advertising is a business that not only understands the importance of teamwork but has created an environment where teamwork is implemented into every task that we face.

At C&D Advertising, we kick off each week with a team chat. During this time, we share our weekend highlights, discuss the week ahead, brainstorm, and participate in team-building activities. Each of these tasks helps to strengthen our team in unique ways. Sharing our weekend highlight is our way of starting the week off on a high note and it creates a bond among our team as we stay updated with each other’s lives. Through discussing the week ahead, our team is aware of important meetings and who might need support throughout the week ahead. This, in turn, keeps our team organized and allows us to work more efficiently towards our goals and our clients’ goals. Brainstorming during these meetings is a great way for us to take underdeveloped ideas and grow them into actual plans for our clients. Finally, through team building activities we create camaraderie, new goals and strive for both, together, as a team.

Each member of the team is important. Let me repeat that, each member of the team is important. Everyone has a voice. Everyone’s opinions matter. The accomplishments and growth of one member affects the entire team, because a team is the sum of all its individual parts. This is one of the reasons why at C&D Advertising we encourage our team members to grow and give them the opportunity to do so. For example, we believe that there is always room for growth and improvement, so we are frequently teaching ourselves and each other new skills that we can use to help our clients advance.

Role delineation is also a large part of the working environment at C&D. Through this process, we have been able to work more effectively towards our goals for our clients. The training of more than one team member on how to complete tasks in addition to role delineation has allowed us to become even more efficient. Therefore, if one of us needs help completing a project, then we can jump in and make it happen!

We also believe that each one of our team members has leadership qualities and it is important to us that our team sees their individual potential as well as our collective potential. Therefore, we love to give our team members opportunities to take a leadership position and equip them with the skills that they need to succeed in their new role. One way in which we do this is every week we assign a new member to take charge of our team chats, and our team members who are always up for a challenge go above our expectations. They have done this in many ways, such as presenting Ted Talks, industry-related video clips, and questions that bring new ideas or concepts to our meetings.

At C&D Advertising, we continue to develop and strengthen our team every day. There are many reasons why we do this but one of the most important ones is to ensure that we make our clients succeed in everything they want to do. We believe that a win for one of us is a win for all. Therefore, part of the foundation of C&D Advertising is support, because support for our team members puts us in positions to succeed. This, in turn, has created a close-knit team whose support for one another pushes us to accomplish great things for ourselves as well as for our clients.

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