The Importance of Brand Consistency

The success of your company is a top priority, you take great pride in the product or service you provide to the public. Developing a consistent message and visual brand across platforms is vital in establishing a professional, reliable reputation to consumers. The impact you have on customers may be the only interactions you have while they are in your business, face to face. But by creating that same impact consistently online and through social media, you can let your marketing do the work of engaging your customers while you sleep.

Here are a few reasons why developing your brand’s message and identity are so crucial to your business:

Show them you mean business.

Now let me just establish that I am not trying to knock any business without a website, or maybe they aren’t active on social media. If you are happy with your business and how much you engage with the community, more power to you, this is merely just a list for what marketing can do for a business.

Consistent marketing and branding both in digital and print automatically elevates your reputation as a business. It not only shows that your business is alive and active, but it gives the consumer a sense they are engaging with a real place and real people.  Think of it this way, if you interact with your customers in person, you control how you speak to them, how you make them feel valued, etc. You have ability to have that same impact on your customers when they are online.

Controlling every piece of content, or having an agency that can manage this ensures that your customer will feel the same about your business wherever they choose to engage with it. And with new customers who are unfamiliar with your business, if their first interaction with your business isn’t in person, it is an opportunity to make a great first impression, and it could be the only one you get, so its best to put your best foot forward.

If we look at this chart that evaluates the consumer decision journey, you’ll notice the funneling that starts at awareness and leads to loyalty. The beginning stage of this chart is where establishing a consistent brand and message puts your business on a consumers’ radar. If you are trying to gain a customer’s attention, you need to help them find you.

Brand Recognition / Customer Familiarity
Let your Customers Settle In

So, you’ve done everything you can with getting your name out there, customers are beginning to know who you are, your message is consistent, they begin to start understanding what to expect from you (this isn’t a bad thing). One of the powerful bonuses of having a consistent brand is that you begin to develop familiarity and trust with your consumers. Now instead of customers doing a wide search for what they need, they are remembering your name, maybe they are starting with the companies they know or are familiar with first before using a search engine.

Developing a familiarity with your customers lets them know where you stand, and that you aren’t going anywhere. When it comes to searching for a place to eat in a town you don’t know, or what are some unique stores to visit on a trip, guessing and feeling lost in a search can be a bit overwhelming. But with a properly marketed business, along with some help from your satisfied customers, the decision-making process can be made a little easier for new consumers.

Looking at the numbers in this chart, there is a lot of legwork that goes into helping consumers make decisions before they ever even step foot into a place. Delivering a consistent message and being active across all platforms gives your business the best chance of success when it comes to consumers choosing your company. In the end it is their decision, but knowing that you’ve exhausted every effort into marketing your company to the consumer rules out the question of “what else can we do?”.

Reputation to Peers/Competition Be Loud and Proud!

When it comes to stacking up against the others in your industry, there are things you can control, and things you can’t. If you have a deep love for what you do, and your business, you must share that passion with the world. Make sure you are doing everything you can to get your message out and establish yourself in the community as a reliable and loyal company.

Some of the things that are in your control and will help your reputation to consumers:

  • A professional website with links to social media
  • Active on all social media platforms
  • Setting up your page on Google with proper links, store hours, up to date contact info
  • Consistent tone throughout all areas with copy (also spell check!)
  • Making sure your logo is visible on every page, account, etc.
  • Responding to customer questions, reviews, etc.

Share your Story
Let ‘em know who you are!

If consumers play a vital role in your business, you need to do everything in your power to deliver a consistent brand message so that they know who you are! The reality is that nobody is going to have the same exact passion for your business that you do, but through telling consumers your story and mission, and really developing a level of transparency, consumers will begin to engage and over time trust your organization. One really strong way of doing this is through being consistent. Giving consumers a reason to trust you, instead of just trying to sell them a product, is a great opportunity in gaining and retaining customers.

Mark Hanna is a graphic designer with C and D Advertising. He has a thirst for knowledge and an ever-growing passion to help build up others around him. When he isn’t in the office you can find him kayaking, antiquing, golfing, and just generally being outdoors.

C and D Advertising is a full-service agency providing marketing solutions for our clients in the Central New York region. If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it!

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