The Power of Marketing Automation Software

You’ve heard that artificial intelligence (AI) is integrating into all we’re doing online, right? We’ve got bots collecting data with every click, use of our cameras, and even our cell phones. These tools have advanced our ability to find insights into our customers faster than ever before. What’s the next logical step? Automation. If your company is unaware of automation, we’ll help introduce you to it here. Automation is exactly what it sounds like, it makes things happen automatically…and it saves time in the long run. The learning curve can be intense, so it’s helpful to have a team on your side.

What is Marketing Automation Software

This kind of software is meant to be used by your marketing department to automate repetitive tasks and more effectively market to your audience via various digital channels online. Think of it this way, the software takes all your services and brings them together. Wouldn’t it be great to get your leads and analytics in one place? Pulling statistics from each website your business uses is extremely time consuming, but isn’t that data really helpful? Imagine if you could have your statistics from social media, email marketing, and your website in one place! And what if that information could be reflected independently with each of your clients/leads? And what IF that could integrate with your CRM? Cue the music…

What are the benefits of using Marketing Automation Software

Time. It saves time.

Leads. You will have more qualified leads when you utilize marketing automation software.

Analytics. Get a better understanding of your audience’s movements online. What pages on your website do they linger on? What other websites do they look at? What are their online buying habits?

Working Together. Your marketing team and sales team will be stronger when they can see in real time the results of their efforts. Camaraderie anyone?

All these benefits will help you make better decisions about your business, your products, and your services. Now what business owner doesn’t want that?! Isn’t that the whole point!

How to get started

There are many options available for businesses to use, but knowing which ones to focus on is a difficult task, simply type “Marketing Automation Software” into Google and you’ll discover hundreds of options…and then you’ll also get the sales calls (eye roll). Teaming up with your advertising agency on this is our recommendation. They’re at the forefront of technology. They should know what options are available and have a recommendation that will fit your business needs. Start there! Don’t have an agency? Then here are a few options to get you started:

SharpSpring: this is our favorite and the one our agency currently uses. It is fantastic! And comparatively, it’s priced right.

Marketo: one of our clients uses this and they referred to it as the “Ferrari of Marketing Automation Software.” It comes with all the bells and whistles!

Capterra did a nice job comparing Marketing Automation Software Companies. Checkout this link:

Our team at C&D Advertising is well versed in Marketing Automation Software. We can help you with customizing your company’s business goals utilizing strategic, comprehensive marketing plans. We’ll help you with the Dos and Don’ts of utilizing Marketing Automation Software and help you decide what will work well for your business goals this year.

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