Tour De Créativité

Tour De Créativité
By: Cameron Sanborn

So, you want to be creative. You’re already in the right direction! That “WANT” is important. You need that “WANT” to become that creative rock star you see in your dreams! That “WANT” will drive you, cause you to do creative feats you never thought possible! So “WANT” away, and soar on those creative desire wings!

Everyone can be creative. You heard me right! EVERYONE! Close your eyes! Think of your favorite place to be. What’s it look like, how’s it smell, how loud are the ambient sounds, what’s the atmosphere like?

How did it turn out?

Guess what! You did it! You created! My work here is done…

But seriously, with just a little bit of direction, I got you to create an entire scene from pieces floating in your brain! It won’t be long before you’re creating in your sleep!

In the words of the great Willy Wonka,

“If you want to see magic lands
Close your eyes and you will see one
Want to be a dreamer, be one
Anytime you please…”

Creativity is so important in life and business. It helps us stand out, leave lasting impressions, land bigger clients, stay passionate, and change the world!

Truth is, from time to time, everyone needs help getting creative. It’s ok, I’m here for you. Take my hand and I’ll give you a one-way ticket to creative town!

Alright! Here are some quick steps you can take every day to get the creative mojo movin’!

Work out! – You heard me right!Get your sweatbands and lace up those cross-trainers. All jokes! You don’t have to do your reverse lunges, but you do need to put that brain of yours to work. Your brain is a lot like a muscle, and muscles must be worked to get stronger. Work, stretch, and flex your brain, and I promise, you will see increased creative output! What’s this brain workout look like, you ask? It’s different for everyone. Think outside your comfort zone, dive down a rabbit hole you’re unfamiliar with (YouTube anyone) or try putting two things together that don’t make sense. Sometimes shaking things up, shakes you up and gets your brain dancing to a different tune than you’re used to. Doing brain puzzles or games will always help, especially in the morning! I know you might think, “well, Cam you’re nutso! I’mma zombie in the morning!” I totally get it, but if you open those creative highways in your brain at the beginning of your day, the rest of your day will be sensitive to the vibes of creativity all around!  

Teamwork makes the dream…function! – So many times, we feel like we must come up with the best ideas on our own or get struck by a lightning bolt of genius when, in reality, genius can be sitting right next to you filling their face with a burrito! Surround yourself with creative minds to bounce off and mix those creative juices. 9 out of 10 times, they will drop some ingredients into the creative sauce that you wouldn’t think of! It’s been said a million times; teamwork makes the dream work! Don’t be afraid to ask for input or advice. Always build upon other ideas. Expand with words like YES…AND… not YES…BUT.

Have a clear idear – Keep it simple!Creativity is not always complex. We can get wrapped up in the complex web of colors and trip on trying to take someone through a creative labyrinth with 3 levels going in 5 different directions. That’s when you can crash and burn or be paralyzed, not knowing which direction to turn. Know WHY you’re creating, find the direction and keep it simple! Once you have the idea and direction, then you can build that tree hotel you always dreamed of.

5 Senses – You’ve got 6…wait 5 senses, use them! Creativity is everywhere. Inspiration can hit you from any angle. Watch your favorite movies, tv shows. Smell your favorite flowers…or taco stand! Feel your favorite blankie (we all know you have one). How do you feel when you see your favorite color? Close your eyes and pick out all the parts to your favorite song! Approach your idea from a different sense and your creativity will have no limits!

Do a headstand – Perspective and creativity go hand in hand! Perspective is the difference between the strong and the weak, the heroes and the villains, the wise and the fools.We always see what everyone sees, flipping your perspective can let you see things in a fresh creative way. If you want to go right, go left! If you can predict it, there’s a big chance that someone else will too! By widening your gaze and bringing a fresh perspective, your audience will be left surprised and excited!

Know the rules – Rules?! Like structure, constriction, a box?! Cue the dramatic “I’m an artist, you can’t put me in a box!” speech! You may say “NO RULES”, but I say, “KNOW RULES”. I’m not crazy, just hear me out. Rules are what makes art beautiful. Take sports, for example. Sports are beautiful because of the rules. How much fun would soccer be if you could carry the ball through the stands and throw the ball in the goal while your teammates held the keeper down? BOOORRRING! Each piece of music has a scale, time signature, and measure. Each play has its scenes, acts, and character roles. As the great American screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin says, “Having rules is the difference between, art and finger painting!” You can always bend those rules a bit, just make sure there is some sort of structure. Take some time and learn what the rules are, and your creativity will bring people to their knees in no time!

I’m gonna leave this lil baby BONUS STEP right here:

Be brave! – Don’t be afraid of trying something new. So, it’s been a certain way for so long, that doesn’t mean your crazy, off-the-wall idea won’t be a success! Don’t shoot anything down right away. Some ideas are crazy, and some ideas are so crazy they just might work!

There you have it! Just a few everyday steps that you can take to be a creative wizard! Now all you need to do is go by a cape and wand (if you don’t already have them). So, get out there a create! Create for all those who can’t create no mo. Create the socks off your projects and dreams!

With all my heart,
Cameron Sanborn
Multimedia Specialist – Your Creative Tour Guide

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