What is Integrated Marketing?

Globally, some markets are now devoting over 40% of their marketing budget to digital activities according to bcg.com, which leaves 60% that is still being devoted to traditional forms of advertising. But it is not just one or the other; the idea of creating an integrated campaign is one that blends several elements of each, including public relations, direct marketing, social media, TV ads, YouTube, and so on.

So, what is working in digital marketing today? Leading companies are capitalizing on three forces that have fundamentally changed the way marketing can be done:

  1. Access to large quantities of real-time data to inform their campaigns.
  2. Ability to engage in long-term, omnichannel relationships with consumers (as opposed to one-way, scattershot interactions) Engage in ‘real’ conversations with consumers in the buying cycle.
  3. Flexibility to deploy multiple concepts and gather real-time feedback from customers.

There is a common theme in successful Integrated Marketing campaigns that brings people together and offering them something of value. Many of these campaigns and brands incorporate innovative event-based marketing techniques with social media and product giveaways or trials. There are plenty of different angles you can take, but the main themes here seem to be:

  • Timeliness – promoting an event.
  • A real-time experience. That could be an on-site experience tied to an anniversary or holiday.
  • Some sort of social media support before, during and after the events – partnering with media.
  • An incentive to participate, such as free samples or giveaways.

If you are a marketing specialist who wants to get a better grasp on digital marketing strategy, you will want to explore the ways that traditional advertising can integrate with new media as soon as possible. Finding a solid strategy that works for your business, as well as a sustainable balance between the two will be key to your overall ROI and brand loyalty.

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